5 Tips For Caring For Leather Products

If you’re reading this, than chances are you already own at least one leather product (or, more likely, a number of them). If not, then you have definitely come to the right place to purchase your first one! These leather products might include a wallet, belts, boots, purses and more. We’re sure you will agree, there’s just something about the texture, look and even smell of leather that makes it a distinctly fun and luxurious material.

However, whether it’s something as small as a wallet or as big as a jacket, proper care is required or leather will soon look too damaged to use. That’s why today we have five tips to help you keep your Roderer (and other) leather items looking amazing.



Many people put their clothes into storage when they’re out of season. This isn’t always a bad idea and can free up space in your wardrobe, however you need to be careful when doing this with leather, as it is extremely sensitive to mildew and so storage areas prone to dampness are to be avoided at all cost.

At the same time, don’t look for an overly dry storage area, to the extent that it keeps out air altogether. Unfortunately, some people have had to experience the consequences of doing so the hard way. Storing a special leather wallet in an air-tight container, for example, may seem like a good idea but the lack of air damages the material.



This may seem like an obvious tip and you’re probably thinking that no one in their right mind would wear something like a leather jacket when the sun is out and shining. It’s not uncommon however, for the sun to come out even in the depths of winter (even if just for a few hours).

In any event, it’s important to know that the sun will quickly dry out your leather clothing. Too much exposure will lead it to crack and deteriorate past the point of being able to be repaired.



If you own a pair of leather pants, they must fit you like a glove (the same goes for an actual leather glove). Unlike denim and other materials, if leather is stretched, it won’t snap back to its original shape.

This even applies to leather wallets. If you like to pack your wallet extremely full, keep in mind that it will eventually become loose to the point of no longer being able to serve its purpose.



While we previously warned against too much moisture, not all moisture is bad for your leather items. You may have a personal preference for a product you use already or you can ask us and we’re happy to recommend something.

Either way, you’ll want to invest in some type of leather cream or dressing and use it periodically. Don’t only apply it to the worn areas that are clearly dry and don’t only apply the product to leather items you use a lot. The need for moisture is ongoing and required even for items you haven’t touched since last year.

For those leather items you do use often, take a damp cloth and brush them down at least once a week. This is just meant to clean the leather, though, so don’t try to scrub the moisture in. No soaps or cleansers should be used for this cleaning.


Shine Your Leather Shoes


Caring for leather shoes is different than doing so for a wallet, jacket, pants, purse, etc. For your leather boots or shoes, you should be using polish. Begin by brushing your footwear to get rid of any dirt or debris. You can even use a bit of water on a cloth for an initial cleaning.

Then add about a nickel-sized amount of polish to the surface with another cloth. Work this polish into the leather and grab more as necessary. At first, the polish may make the leather look cloudy, but keep applying elbow grease and, eventually, you should be able to see your reflection.



You’ve chosen well in purchasing a beautiful leather product from Roderer so it’s important you look after it to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. As you’ve just read, taking care of leather products is easy and always worthwhile.