RODERER is working hard to place responsible business practices at the heart of our company. We work tirelessly to continually improve our performance across our business and throughout our supply chains.



We are proud to share the commitment we have made to create better ways of working, building on the passion of our employees who are eager to drive this positive change.

We have established five sustainability ambitions to make sure that we promote best practice:

  • Drive positive change through engagement and partnerships with our brands
  • Actively engage with our customers to help them make informed choices
  • Protect the environment by producing and consuming responsibly
  • Champion our people and provide a dynamic, diverse and supportive workplace
  • Operate with integrity and place responsible business at the heart of what we do


At RODERER, we are committed to lessening our environmental impact. We believe in being progressive and making real and positive changes that benefit the world.

We believe that a collective approach is important, and we’re excited to work with like-minded companies and individuals to learn from each other and accelerate change towards environmental stewardship.

As part of our commitment to protecting the planet, we’ve taken a number of steps to reduce our environmental footprint and we will continue to do more. Here are some of the changes we’ve made so far.



We worked closely with our packaging providers to minimize the environmental footprint of our boxes and pouches.

Our boxes are made using sustainable materials avoiding unnecessary plastic and maximizing recyclability. They’re perfect for reusing and many of our customers do.

We’re always searching for more sustainable solutions to reduce our environmental footprint.



We work closely with our logistics partners to minimize the environmental impact of our distribution centre.

Together, we’re looking at ways to increase recycling rates. We encourage our employees to support us in this ambition. We hope to build on this momentum and will be taking a number of measures to further minimize waste generated on-site.

We’ve also rolled out an internal campaign to save energy and water through simple behavioral changes.