Handmade from the finest materials, each RODERER item embodies contemporary elegance, blending avant-garde design, timeless refinement and minimalist sophistication. Our collection follows the “Less is more” concept pioneered by the great designers of the 20th Century.

RODERER’s goal is to create a permanent collection of iconic men’s essentials. Our pieces are not influenced by trends, yet they carry an appealing contemporary relevance. We focus on quality over quantity, so our items are carefully developed and constantly refined.

Using the best Italian leathers from the most reputed tanneries, each RODERER item is handmade by master craftsmen. With significant attention to detail and high-quality finishing, our pieces are made to last.

Each of our pieces discreetly bears our signature, the stylish RODERER crown. This crown is the onlybranded sign on our items, adding a sophistication that keeps people guessing. This way product and craftmanship keep the focus, rather than an unsightly logo.


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