How To Travel In Style

Whether it’s by land, air or sea, travelling is a necessary evil… or a great pleasure. Stylishly combating the challenges such activities present is something worth putting some thought into. After all, nobody wants to be the guy at airport security spending ten minutes putting his shoes back on. His cousin, the man with the myriad of metal (from collar stays to cuff links) that holds the line up, is just as bad.

There is also the major issue of comfort. Short or long haul? Business or pleasure? Public transport perhaps? What about the varying climates encountered? All these variables only present further cause for serious jet set consideration.





Footwear is essential, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. However, when it comes to travelling, getting your choice right is vital. Not only is your shoe selection likely to be worn for several hours – with the possibility of a fair bit of walking involved – but they also need to be easily slipped both on and off if travelling via plane. With all that in mind, step forth the loafer.

Perfectly practical, worn with or without socks, the number of differing styles current available means the loafer ticks all boxes as the perfect travelling companion. The timeless penny version presents a refined, versatile option for a business trip or smart-casual affair, with them looking just as great with a suit as a pair of jeans or chinos.                         



When travelling with a business agenda or smarter schedule, a blazer is a must-wear. The short haul essential raises the sartorial bar and saves the jacket from the perils of a suitcase. The extra layer is great for the chill of the aircraft cabin and the pockets come in incredibly handy for storing wallets, passports, tickets, phones…

A navy blue blazer is always a sure bet.

If business is neither on your mind nor your intention, dispense with the tailoring and opt for something more relaxed like a sporty jacket.



Stylish carry-on luggage is a great investment for both the occasional and seasoned traveler. Leather lasts a lifetime (when cared for properly) and a mid-sized holdall is big enough to fit a few days luggage in. If packed correctly, you can forego the bulky suitcase on a short-stay getaway altogether.

A solid mid-sized holdall isn’t just a great carry-on, it’s appropriate for road trips, train journeys, overnight stays and can even be used as an elegant option for the gym. And remember, as for business bags, leather retains a timeless appeal and should be your first choice.