Introducing The Roderer Messenger Bag


Who says that looking good has to come at the cost of being practical? With the Roderer Messenger Bag there’s no need to compromise.

Roderer Messenger Bag

As seasoned travellers, we know how important it is to have a bag that can not only stand up to some pretty heavy treatment but that also reflects your sense of style. After all, this bag will accompany you to any number of important meetings, representing your personal brand and speaking volumes about you before you’ve even opened your mouth. Yes, it’s shallow, but as everyone in business knows, first impressions count and personal appearance plays a big role in that.

Too often however, form comes at the cost of function. The patent leather shoes that look great with your suit but hurt your feet to walk in. The bulky watch that gets lots of attention but is uncomfortable on your wrist. You get the idea. We do not subscribe to that philosophy here at Roderer. Our goal, as always, is to create leather goods of exceptional quality that appeal to the modern gentleman. In order to be appealing therefore, we believe a product must both look good and also function well.

As such, we have designed the Roderer Messenger Bag with stylish travellers in mind. Crafted from full grain cowhide leather, with our exceptional Roderer finish, it features metal hardware with a polished silver finish and two-way zip closure.

The interior features one compartment, divided into one large front pocket for a laptop and one large zipped back pocket for storing important documents. There is also a hook for your keys, four smaller pockets for each of your phone, passport, business cards and travel documents, as well as 2 slots for writing instruments.

There is a second, smaller zipped pocket on the front for additional storage of items you need quick access to. A metal Roderer crown in polished silver finish on the front side completes the look, providing a subtle indicator of your refined tastes.

Available now, the Roderer Messenger Bag is a great option for when you want something that is practical and functional, without forcing you to compromise on style.