The 3 Best Golf Clubs In The World

If you’ve been thinking about taking a break from your local driving range to enjoy a golf course somewhere else, you might as well visit the best of the best. That’s why we’re bringing you the top three golf locations in the entire world. These are places that everyone should visit at least once if they get the chance. And the great thing is that they are all in areas with lots of other activities, so you don’t have to worry about your spouse complaining that they’re bored or being stuck with nothing to do after heading back to your villa or hotel in the evening.

Royal County Down Golf Club


If you want to visit a golf club with some real history, then the Royal County Down in Newcastle, Northern Ireland, is the place for you. This club boasts a clubhouse that has been standing since 1894, although several additions and renovations have occurred since then. That means you can be sure you’ll get first-class services, all the amenities you expect, as well as a fun historical experience by enjoying the golfing display which exhibits major happenings from the last 125 years.

You will find flat greens, rugged terrain, and many blind spots that will test your mettle. The design is beautiful and has been refined at least half a dozen times, so it should come as no surprise that people come to golf from far and wide.

Cypress Point Club Pebble Beach


Pebble Beach, California has several great courses for golfers to enjoy but if you must choose only one, make sure it’s Cypress Point Club. The location is gorgeous, and in fact, has been called “the Sistine Chapel of golf.” The only downside is that this is a private club so it might be hard to get inside and explore the club in all its splendor, unless you know somebody of course. Members pay a portion of the operating costs each year, divided between each member that year.

That said, if you do get a chance, go for it. You may find yourself golfing among celebrities you know from television, sports games, and more. However, the most exciting part of Cypress Point Club is the look of the greens, which truly offer something that is seen nowhere else. Of course, we can always hope that a major tournament makes its way to the area, allowing us all to watch with jealousy.

Royal Melbourne Golf Club


The West course in Melbourne at Royal Melbourne Golf Club has been called the best on the continent, which should tell you something. What makes this course truly different is the way the hazards are constructed and placed, forcing golfers to confront many different challenges. Everything ties together and is made from natural materials, which define the overall style of play.

This course dates to 1891 and opened for play in 1901. Although things have changed since then, it has a combination of unique construction, beautiful land, and stunning design. It’s nearly impossible to choose a favorite section of the course, but the three shot 4th hole, greenside bunker at the 17th, and drivable par four on the 10th often come up. No matter your preference, there’s sure to be something to enjoy at Royal Melbourne.

For those who are lucky enough to visit each of these golf clubs, you will experience some of the most inspiring moments of your life. Many beautiful courses are out there, of course, but these three truly bring together something special. So, figure out which sounds like the most fun to you (or the most challenging, if you prefer) and get out there. We know you’ll enjoy your experience.