At RODERER, our aim is simple: to create a collection of leather goods of exceptional quality.

Best materials, perfect cuts, attention to details… each RODERER creation meets our uncompromising standards and high expectations in a unique fusion of elegance, luxury, minimalism & craftsmanship.



Elegance is at the center of our design philosophy. We take pride in designing products that reflects today’s contemporary lifestyle and help you travel in style. A subtle mix of luxury chic, understated class and innovative appeal that is reflected in the distinctive offer of leathers, finishes and colors.



Engineered to be stylish without superfluous details, each RODERER is the result of a constant pursuit of excellence. Take our signature crown for example, discreetly but proudly displayed on all our creations; it is beautifully executed in palladium. A perfect tribute of our commitment to perfection.



Every RODERER is handmade. We use only the best leathers and we carefully select them not just for their stunning appearance but for their exceptional strength. Each RODERER benefits from a 2-year warranty*, a further testimony of the exceptional work of our craftsmen.