Discover Roderer’s Leather Bracelets And Choose One That Best Suits Your Style

Style is an intensely personal thing. It varies from man to man, which is a good thing because that’s what makes us individual and unique. It’s also the reason why Roderer offers not one, not two but six different bracelet options, so you can find the one that suits your style best. To help you choose, we’ve put together a quick run-down of the different versions we offer.

Roderer Dino Leather Mens Bracelets


Dino is the quintessential wear-anywhere bracelet made from genuine top-grain woven leather. It’s simple design, complete with silver or rose gold finished, stainless steel clasp adjustable to three positions and featuring the Roderer logo, makes it a discreet addition to any outfit. Whether you’re at the office or out on the golf course, the Dino conveys an understated sense of style, predicated on quality.

Roderer Leather Mens Bracelet Dino Double


If you want to add a little more flair to your wrist wear, but without going overboard, than the Dino Double is for you. Unlike its more subdued sibling above, the Dino Double features a double wrap around bracelet made from genuine top-grain woven leather complete with stainless stainless steel finished clasp adjustable to three positions and featuring the Roderer logo. It’s a minor change perhaps but one that makes all the difference on the wrist. 

Roderer Elio Leather Mens Bracelets


If you love sailing and the outdoors, Elio is the bracelet for you. With a slightly more sporty, casual chic look, the 2-line bracelet made of top-grain woven leather is closed by a stainless steel clasp with silver finish and Roderer logo. Perfect for those sunny days out at the Marina or sipping cocktails at the yacht club in the evening.   

Roderer Leather Mens Bracelet Enzo


When it comes to style, the Enzo is all business. Minimalist, sleek and always dressed in all black, it is the perfect wrist companion for aspiring tech entrepreneurs or those who simply like to keep a low profile. Made from soft leather it is not only comfortable on the wrist it is also easily adjustable to two positions thanks to a removable link in the steel clasp, which also features magnetic closure.

Roderer Luca Mens Leather Bracelet


Luca is all about versatility. This 2-line bracelet is made from genuine top grain woven leather and can be worn one of two ways. Firstly, you can have the stainless steel clasp facing inwards, giving the bracelet a very understated look on the wrist. Or you can turn it around to have the clasp facing out to give that extra bit of attitude. Perfect for when you need to keep things conservative at the office during the day but want to relax your style a bit at night when you’re out with friends.

Roderer Marco Leather Mens Bracelets


Marco is the all-round, good looking guy at the party. Arguably even more classic looking than Dino, his style is never out of place, no matter where you wear him or what you wear him with. This rectangular shape bracelet made from genuine top-grain woven leather features a silver or rose gold finished, stainless steel clasp adjustable to two positions via the removable link and magnetic closure system. Completing the look is the subtle Roderer logo with Roderer Crown.

Available in a variety of colours, all Roderer bracelets come with a 1-year warranty. Now that you know their back stories, it’s time to check out all our bracelets and pick the right one for you.